Norwegian Raw Salmon Portions Skin-on and Skin-offBack

Norway's unspoiled natural waters are overflowing with deep, cold, clear, fjords which have made Norway one of the world's foremost fishing nations. The Salmon we distribute come from these waters and are reared under ideal conditions giving Norwegian Salmon its unique quality and taste.

Europa imports Norwegian skin-on and skin-off portions that are vacuum packed in either single or double packs.  All the packs are individually frozen to maintain their freshness. The portions are deep-skinned and pin-boned, and are all made from centre-cuts. 

Skin-on portions are Kosher.

Pack sizes:

Portion size 170-190g, packed in 5kg carton

Nutritional Information

Average Quantity

Per 100g


224 kJ


20 g

Fat, total

16 g

Saturated fat

3 g


80 mg

Carbohydrate, total

0.00 g


0.00 g


46 mg