Norsk Norwegian Smoked SalmonBack

Norsk salmon production is based on Norwegian traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. Norsk salmon fillets are dry salted by hand and smoked on beech wood to give it a smooth and mild flavour. This produces superb quality smoked salmon product, that is low on salt, smoky in flavour, with a delicate creamy texture.

Norsk smoked salmon is available in a variety of pack sizes.

Gravlax is not smoked at all but instead cured by the process of covering it in salt and sugar which draws out the excess moisture. The origin of gravlax lies in Scandinavia where fishermen would bury salted salmon in the sand above the tide line. This would ferment the fish, preserving it for later use. In fact, "gravlaks" is a blend of two Norwegian words; "grav" meaning "buried" and "laks", meaning salmon. The process has evolved to what we have today, a method which uses salt and sugar to cure the fish (but not ferment it) and adds pepper, dill, and sometimes alcohol to enhance the flavour.

Pack sizes:

1kg in a box of 10

100g in a box of 100

200g in a box of 50

300g in a box of 34

500g in a box of 20

Gravalax 200g in a box of 50

Nutritional Information

Energy 938 KJ/225KCAL
Protein 23.2 g
Fat, total 14.7 g
Saturated fat 2.5 G
Carbohydrate, total 0-1 G
Sugar 0-1 G
Salt, total 3.1 G
Sodium 1.12 G