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The San Marzano tomato is an heirloom variety of plum tomato, originally planted in the town of the same name at the base of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The volcanic soil and sunny climate grow tomatoes that are among the most sought-after on earth, with remarkable, sweet, intense tomato flavor.

They have an elongated oblong shape and contain only two seed pockets (most tomatoes have five to seven); since seeds contribute acidity, this accounts for the lower acidity. The pulp is dense, and because the variety has lower acidity, the tomatoes have a rich tomato flavor and a natural sweetness; sauces made with them require no additional sugar. Even the juice in the can that streams from the tomatoes tastes like the best tomato juice

Ask any chef what the best tomatoes for sauce are, and you’ll hear a unified chorus: San Marzano—a tomato so distinctive and high quality that it is the only variety that can be used for a true Neapolitan pizza.

Europa distributes 3 kilogram cans of Marietta Whole Peeled Tomatoes, which are produced from San Marzano Tomatoes.

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