Why Buy Frozen Seafood?Back

“The best seafood is kept in pristine condition, and often pristine condition might mean freezing. Modern blast freezers can maintain far better quality in seafood for a boat that's a day or two away from harbour than a fridge. Prawns are an excellent example. If you catch them, the head can blacken within hours because of the high bacterial count. It's better to freeze them on board the trawler than leave them to perish, even in perfect fridge conditions. Which is why all those magnificent prawns from the Spencer Gulf or the Northern Prawn Fishery are snap frozen on board and in the perfect world would be sold frozen rather than "thawed for your convenience". That way, the instant they're thawed you can be putting them in your laksa, your stir-fry or your paella, while they're at their peak. Most of the top-end tuna sold for sashimi (arguably the best indicator of quality in the world) is sold frozen at the Tokyo markets. If the Japanese have such exacting standards for quality and will buy frozen fish (albeit frozen to minus 60 degrees commercially) then we can do the same. Fish with a short shelf life, such as sardines, are often best bought frozen, too.”